Meet Gen Z: Here’s What You Need To Know About The World’s Youngest Workforce

by PODS for Business Posted on February 3, 2021

Gen Z is now the largest emerging workforce. This young, digital-intuitive generation accounts for roughly 90 million people in the U.S., and many are ready and willing to work — but on their terms.

Read on to learn more about who they are, what they’re looking for in a job, and why you want them as part of your team. We’ll also touch on how to make your company more appealing to the world’s newest and youngest members of the workforce, Gen Z. 

Who Is Gen Z and What Are They Like?

Generation Z is the first generation to be born into a world of digital technology, thus earning the nickname “Zoomers”. Unsurprisingly, they are the most tech-savvy generation. People in this generation value experiences over possessions, keep their eye on the prize, and are fiercely independent. 

Gen Z male working inside an office

This is a true come-as-you-are generation believing in equality, respect, and healthy competition. On the heels of the social media-obsessed Millennials and the Dot-Com-crashed Gen-Xers, Generation Z seeks stability, authenticity, and meaningful human interactions. 

Below is a look at where Generation Z falls on the timeline of current generations in the workforce.

Baby Boomers1946 - 1964
Generation X1965 - 1980
Xennials*1977 - 1983
Millennials1981 - 1996
Gen Z1997 - 2010

*Xennials are a special subset generation that have a shared experience of being raised on the cusp of old and new technologies and ideologies, landing them firmly in their own limited space in time.

How Does Gen Z Approach Work?

Nearly one-third of all Gen-Zers turned 18 in 2020, making them the youngest generation in the workforce today. It’s estimated that they now make up close to a quarter of the global workforce. Though they may be young, this generation is characterized as being self-starters who aren’t afraid to ask questions when needed.

Young woman working on a laptop inside a bedroom

While Gen Z isn’t afraid to throw in the work to move quickly and take advantage of career growth opportunities, they also value a healthy work-life balance and understand the importance of mental health - arguably more than any generation before them. Gen-Zers also tend to have zero shame when it comes to job hopping. If a job isn’t checking all the boxes for them, they’ll find a new one that does.

What Type of Workplace Appeals to Gen Z?

While most generations before them may leap at a great-sounding job opportunity or suffer through a less than ideal job to “pay their dues,” the Gen Z workforce is more intentional about the jobs they take and the companies they work for.

Group of young adults wearing face masks

Here are some of the most important things they look for in the workplace:

1) Diversity. Generation Z workers are clued-in to inclusion and are more likely to consider working for a company with a proven record of diversity in the workplace that hires people from different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, and genders.

2) Stability. After growing up in the financial aftermath of 2008 and now entering the workforce during an economic slump, Gen Z workers are hyper aware of the importance of a stable job — even if they have a tendency to be job hoppers. This is a frugal generation, and jobs that offer financial stability are key.

3) Company responsibility. Companies that are aware of their responsibility to workers and the world outside of their company are big draws for Gen Z. Responsibility can come in the form of true respect, fair treatment, and equity for employees, to being active in social justice initiatives both locally and globally.

4) Work-life balance. This generation watched their parents and grandparents struggle and work themselves to the bone, and they’ve seen the effects. Companies not just offering career growth opportunities but also good work-life balance appeal to them. This may be found through benefits such as unlimited vacation days or simply positive work culture.

Two Gen Z females filming a cooking video in a kitchen

5) Transparency. Since authenticity is important to Gen Z, they expect the companies they work for to be transparent. They want to know details — even if the truth isn’t perfect. They are interested in pay equity, where the money goes and to whom, and the integrity of the company they are investing time into.

6) Flexibility. Being flexible caters to Gen Z’s desire for independence and work-life balance. They are interested in companies that are open to allowing them to work in the ways and from the places of their choosing that will make them more productive. Ideally, these would be offices that offers human interaction coupled with the option to work remotely.

Pods Understands All Generations

Some companies find that job relocation packages are attractive to Gen-Zers as the opportunity helps them scratch their itch for independence and experiential living.

Young female surrounded by moving boxes in an apartment

PODS relocation solutions are particularly appealing for Gen Z workers since they are straightforward and flexible. Unlike full-service movers, using PODS gives employees the control over their move that they are looking for while still providing the resources they need for a seamless transition. 

Want moving services for your job relocation packages that will attract members of the world’s largest growing workforce, Gen Z? Learn more about our corporate relocation solutions.

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