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One or both of the postal codes you entered is outside of PODS’ standard service area. But we’ve introduced a new service called PODS Self-Delivery which may be the perfect solution. Call to learn more or to book.


PODS rental trucks


PODS Self-Delivery is a collaboration between PODS and our rental truck provider. It allows customers outside our standard service areas to pick up a PODS container on a rental truck at one of our Storage Centers and drive it home themselves.
Moving truck rentals


  • You pick up your container and truck at a PODS Storage Center

  • You drive it home and load it (every truck will be equipped with a ramp or lift gate), just as you would do with a regular rental truck

  • Once it’s loaded, you drive your container back to the Storage Center

  • Your container is removed from the truck and stored for as long as needed, or we can move it to any place in North America that PODS serves


Moving and storage the way you need it done

We've got you covered

PODS has locations across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver, so we can deliver your container across town or across the country

Flexible solutions

If you’ve sold your old home but your new one isn’t quite ready, we can store your container in one of our 250 secure PODS Storage Centers until move-in day.

Storage that moves with you

A PODS storage container is perfect for people on the move, because if you decide to relocate, your container can be transported to a PODS Storage Center in your new city.

Load and unload once

With typical storage you load the truck, then drive it to the storage facility, then unload it into your storage unit. That’s a lot of work. With a PODS container, you only load and unload once.
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Packing Tips

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Moving & Storage Calculator

If you’re not sure which PODS container size you need, our moving and storage calculator can help you figure it out.
Download your storage checklist

Storage Checklist

Make sure your next storage project goes smoothly by taking advantage of our storage checklist.
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