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PODS City Service

Moving to a new city or looking for city storage options? PODS City Service offers an easy and convenient experience for people in select areas of select cities.

This may take up to 30 seconds.

This may take up to 30 seconds.

We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.

We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.


We do all the driving

Moving without a car and considering renting a truck? Driving a huge rental truck through busy city streets can be really stressful. PODS City Service takes care of it. We also find our own parking and provide a way to avoid the hassle of required permits or HOA regulations.

Reduced risk while loading and unloading

Your PODS driver stays with your container as you load and unload it, defending against tickets, thieves, and any other threats to your belongings.

Flexible urban moving and storage solutions

Not ready to move in yet or downsizing to a smaller apartment? No problem. We can store your container in one of our 250 secure PODS Storage Centers across the country until you’re ready for it.

City moving experience

Our team of local drivers knows your city’s streets, as well as local regulations regarding parking and loading, which helps keeps surprises to a minimum. PODS City service is the most convenient relocation solution for your urban move!
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How PODS City Service Works

A PODS driver brings your container on a truck at your scheduled time and remains for 4 hours. This gives you, or any professional help you may hire, enough time to load or unload. But if you do need more time, no worries. We can invoice by the hour if that’s the case. When your container is loaded and ready to go, we can take it back to a secure PODS Storage Center and keep it there for as long as you like, or we can deliver it to your new home across town, or across the country.


Easy loading and unloading

PODS City Service trucks are equipped with a level-load lift system operated by your certified PODS driver. This heavy-duty, hydraulic lift-gate keeps all your items level during loading and unloading. You don’t have to struggle going up and down a ramp during your urban move.

Professional help to pack and load fast

PODS can refer you to the packing and loading professionals, who will do as much, or as little of the heavy lifting as you need. Call them today at 1-866-667-5594.

Move across town or across the country

Whether you're moving out of a city, to a new city, or within your current one, we've got you covered. PODS has locations in 47 states, including Hawaii, so we can deliver your container almost anywhere in the US.

Storage you only have to load and unload once

With typical storage you rent a truck, then load the truck, then drive it to the storage unit, then unload it into your storage unit. That’s a lot of work. With a PODS container, you only load and unload once.

PODS City Service Availability

PODS City Service is currently offered in select areas of New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Call us at 877-665-7637 to learn whether PODS City Service is available in your neighborhood.

How else can we help?

We can also connect you to experienced vehicle transport and storage providers if you don’t want to drive your vehicle, or vehicles, to your new home.

Besoin de fournitures de déménagement?

Besoin de fournitures de déménagement?

Recevez des boîtes, du ruban adhésif, des couvertures, du papier à bulles et tout ce dont vous avez besoin livrés à votre porte.



Conseils pour le chargement et l’emballage

Conseils pour le chargement et l’emballage

Apprenez à emballer et à charger votre conteneur PODS comme un professionnel grâce à ces conseils utiles.


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Nous ne promettons pas seulement un excellent service à la clientèle, nous le fournissons. Dans un sondage commandé par Newsweek, PODS se classe au premier rang du service à la clientèle dans la catégorie des services de déménagement. Merci, Newsweek. Plus important encore, MERCI à tous nos clients!

Matthew G., NYC

“The city service in NYC was amazing. It made moving out as easy as it could have been.” 

Christopher T., Brooklyn

“The driver who brought the PODS container to me in Brooklyn was the best ever!!!!! Not easy moving into a one way street on a busy sat afternoon. He helped move traffic, block off access so I could work more efficiently, and had my back as some New Yorkers are very difficult to deal with. He was professional and courteous and deserves a raise after what we both had to deal with for that hour. He is a keeper when it comes to customer service.” 

John A., NYC

“Friendly customer service. Everyone we dealt with was extremely positive and helpful. We set this up at the last minute and it went incredibly smooth - We have moved ALOT, this was the very best!”
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Due to federal regulations, PODS drivers cannot assist in carrying your items.


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