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Skip the drive.
Ship your vehicle.

Save mileage and stress on your long-distance move. PODS’ preferred car shipping providers deliver your vehicle to your new home.
Moving your car across the country

Let someone else handle the driving

Planning a long-distance move but not looking forward to the hassle of a long-distance drive? PODS can help. We'll connect you with one of two independent car shipping companies1 who will arrange professional services near you.

Meet our preferred car shipping provider



Looking to take the stress out of shipping your car? ACERTUS' dedicated and experienced team saves you time, stress and unnecessary mileage through safe and reliable car shipping available across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Ensuring safety at every turn, they maintain an impressive 99.4% damage-free delivery rate.2
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Does PODS offer car shipping services?

While you can't ship your car in a PODS container, we can help you transport your car to your new home. We'll connect you with our preferred car shipping provider who will find local car shipping services near you.

How does car shipping work?

We can connect you with our preferred car shipping provider to help you arrange transportation of your vehicle to your new home.

How long does shipping a car take?

Timing may depend on the distance your vehicle needs to travel. Our preferred car shipping provider will work with you to deliver your vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.

What's important when selecting a car shipping company?

Choose a company you can trust to take the utmost care when transporting your car. Our preferred car shipping provider is insured and have a history of damage-free delivery.

Can I ship my car in a PODS container?

Cars and motorized vehicles can't be placed in a PODS container but here is our preferred car shipping provider that we can recommend for vehicle transport.  

(855) 955-5138

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1 ACERTUS and Mr. Car Shipper are independently owned and operated and have no affiliation with PODS.  PODS makes no warranty as to any services they provide.
2 Based on claims opened and vehicles transported by ACERTUS in 2021.
3 Claim of incidence of damage in less than 1% of transports based on a review of all transports in the 6 month period of 7/1/21 through 12/31/21. The review concluded that the incidence of damage over the 6 month period was 0.72%.