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PODS for commercial storage & moving containers

PODS Commercial Storage Containers

PODS business storage containers allow for you to be flexible with size, security, and scheduling, giving your business the extra space it needs.

PODS Commercial Storage Container Sizes

PODS 16 Foot All-Steel storage Container

PODS 16' All-Steel Commercial Container

The strongest all-steel shipping container storage option you'll find anywhere offers outstanding protection for your valuable container contents.

  • 10,000 pound on-site capacity
  • Heavy-duty CorTen steel frame with extra strong, all-steel walls
  • 3 High-security locking options
  • Pry resistant hinges
  • Internal 2-point locking pins and bar

Perfect for extended construction site storage or temporary on-site storage when projects stretch over months. PODS All-Steel Commercial Container is a great way to always have things on hand so workers aren't waiting around for deliveries.

Exterior dimensions: 16’ x 8’ x 8’| Cubic feet of space: 835’

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*Commercial Container not available in all locations. Please call for more information.

16-foot business storage container

PODS 16' Storage Container

PODS largest commercial storage unit provides extra storage space to accommodate challenging storage and moving needs. It's sturdy enough to protect construction equipment on the jobsite or to store audio and lighting equipment for special events.

Like every PODS storage container it still fits in a car parking space and offers easy ground-level access for workers. If you're looking for the ideal temporary or long-term storage solution, keep your stocked container in a PODS Storage Center for extra protection.

Exterior dimensions: 16’ x 8’ x 8’ | Cubic feet of space: 827’

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12-foot business storage unit

PODS 12' Storage Container

This portable storage unit is perfect for storing furniture and inventory during restaurant and retail remodels, seasonal camp equipment year-round, and non-sterile medical supplies when space becomes an issue.

Steel-framed and weather resistant containers allow contents to be kept on-site for access when needed and kept under lock and key when security is the issue. Look no further than a PODS 12' storage unit to fill the bill. 

Exterior dimensions: 12’ x 8’ x 8’ | Cubic feet of space: 689’

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7-foot commercial storage container

PODS 7' Storage Container

Ideal to meet your smaller storage container needs, this sturdy, secure storage unit is perfect when you need to store or transport files, holiday decorations, sports equipment, or retail inventory.

It has a lightweight roll door to make loading and unloading a snap, fits in a car parking space, and features tie down hooks that help keep contents in place. You'll be amazed when you discover how much this mighty storage container can hold.

Exterior dimensions: 7’ x 7’ x 8’ | Cubic feet of space: 385’ 

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Three more reasons to choose PODS storage

Nationwide Storage Centers

With 230 centers located throughout the nation, PODS can easily handle all of your off-site storage needs. Every facility is closed to the public, accessible by appointment only, and exclusive to a single keyholder.

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Easy to store, easy to move

Your storage container can be dropped off and picked up conveniently on your schedule. And, should you need to move your filled container for any reason, our team of expert drivers are ready to help.

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Precise Power of PODZILLA

Our one-of-a-kind hydraulic level lift system, PODZILLA, is capable of lifting and placing PODS storage containers of all sizes — without tipping or tilting. Your contents are kept safe and level as PODZILLA maneuvers them to areas other systems simply can’t.
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* Dimensions are based on exterior measurements. All moving and storage container dimensions are approximate.