PODS continue d'opérer dans ses zones de service normales (États-Unis et Canada) dans le cadre du secteur des systèmes de transport critique, sur la base des directives des autorités gouvernementales concernant COVID-19. Pour plus d'informations, notamment sur la façon dont nos chauffeurs suivent les règles de distanciation sociale et pour les mises à jour de service, cliquez ici.
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Construction Storage Rentals

Not every storage container can handle the demands of a construction site. Heavy-duty jobs require solutions that are sturdy, secure, and effortless to use. Fortunately, PODS construction storage containers offer all of that and more.

Put PODS Storage Containers To Work

Construction Storage Containers On Site

Job Site Storage Solutions

PODS construction site storage units are the convenient, flexible, and affordable solution for construction managers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, sheet metal workers, flooring installers, or any construction trade.

Solutions for the New Normal

Keep projects moving while meeting health and safety guidelines with portable storage containers. Containers can be used as a pre-task safety checkpoint or to organize and store personal protective equipment.

Rentals for Managing Construction Projects

Better Project Management

Renting a PODS construction storage container helps avoid having workers idle while they wait for inventory deliveries.

Materials Always On Hand

Buy materials in bulk and use our sturdy, weather-resistant storage site containers on the job or store them securely at a PODS Storage Center near you. 

Flexible Solutions

Our construction storage units offer the flexibility to move containers between job sites, or to be kept at a secure, local PODS Storage Center.
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Three more reasons to choose pods

Save time - and money
Stock up on bulk orders of materials and keep them on hand in a secure PODS storage container. This way, your team won’t be waiting around for new shipments to come in, and you can cut back on costly delivery expenses.
Operating on your schedule 
PODS commercial storage is designed for flexible usage. We’ll drop it off when you need it, and pick it up as soon as you’re done. If you’d prefer to store your pods container at one of our secure locations, we can do that too. Just reach out with any questions.
Sturdy and safe
It has never been easier to limit material theft on a job site. Every PODS storage container features strong steel walls, pry-deterrent hinges, and heavy-duty locking mechanisms.
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Commercial Construction Storage Container

*Commercial Container not available in all locations. Please call for more information.

On the Jobsite: Construction Case Studies

Construction Storage Container Rentals

Portable Storage At Work on The West Wing

When the White House was undergoing a remodel, PODS was proud to offer highly secure temporary storage for construction materials.
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Warehouse Construction Storage Facility

Portable Units for Distribution

The Gilman Electric Company had a tricky question: How do you transport and store delicate light bulbs in not-so-delicate construction sites? PODS had the answer.
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