PODS continue d'opérer dans ses zones de service normales (États-Unis et Canada) dans le cadre du secteur des systèmes de transport critique, sur la base des directives des autorités gouvernementales concernant COVID-19. Pour plus d'informations, notamment sur la façon dont nos chauffeurs suivent les règles de distanciation sociale et pour les mises à jour de service, cliquez ici.


Use PODS storage solutions to hold excess medical supplies, sanitation products, and other critical resources to help communities stay safe and healthy during crisis.

Maximize Healthcare Space with PORTABLE STORAGE

PODS Isolation Units for Patient Care

Modified containers are a cost-effective solution for sourcing additional hospital beds to prepare and respond to COVID-19, with transparent doors, electrical outlets, and plenty of space for patients, doctors, and nurses.


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on-site healthcare storage unit

On-Site Healthcare Storage

When your healthcare facility requires more space to accommodate an increase in patients, PODS is the answer. Our steel-framed, weather-resistant storage containers can hold supplies, equipment and more, so you can free up space for patient care.

Distribute & Move Inventory

Once your container is fully loaded, we can move it across the parking lot or to another healthcare facility. PODS logistics solutions can help coordinate deliveries, move equipment off-site, or relieve dock congestion strains with the flexibility of container placement.


Off-Site Storage Options

Move inventory and idle equipment off-site to one of our nearby storage facilities when on-site space is in short supply. We deliver your containers to you, and once it’s loaded, we transport it to a PODS Storage Center where everything is kept safe until needed.

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PODS storage container for healthcare facilities


PODS combines containerized moving and storage into one flexible solution.

  • We Deliver - schedule delivery of your empty container
  • You Load - pack your containers, or one of our labor partners can assist 
  • We Move - we pick up the container and drive it across town, or country 
  • We Store - keep the container on-site, or we can move them local to a local PODS Storage Center

PODS Healthcare Solutions: More Than Just Storage

Facilities Management

PODS provides storage needs, on-site or at one of hundreds of storage centers throughout the US and Canada, for any variety of purposes: 

  • Conversion of administrative or storage space into 'patient' or 'clinic' space
  • Disaster preparation and response efforts
  • Office improvements or relocations 
  • Grounds keeping tools and equipment
healthcare employee working during construction

Construction Project Management

Whether your construction site storage needs are for a workbench and toolboxes, sheets of drywall, or pallets of materials, there is a PODS storage container to meet your project needs.

  • Continued operations during renovations
  • Improved project management 
  • Materials always on hand 
  • Flexible solutions
healthcare materials storage

Materials Organization and Management

By storing excess inventory, equipment, and supplies in our portable storage containers your staff can devote less time to maintaining supplies and more time with patients.
  • Use on-site containers for excess inventory or deliveries
  • Secure onsite storage for outbound freight, bulk buys, and special one time receivables 
  • Relive dock congestion strains with the flexibility of placement
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