PODS continue d'opérer dans ses zones de service normales (États-Unis et Canada) dans le cadre du secteur des systèmes de transport critique, sur la base des directives des autorités gouvernementales concernant COVID-19. Pour plus d'informations, notamment sur la façon dont nos chauffeurs suivent les règles de distanciation sociale et pour les mises à jour de service, cliquez ici.

Frequently Asked Questions

National Business Accounts

National Business Accounts

Can I have a single point of contact?

Yes, many of our national accounts are assigned an account specialist that works directly with you on all of your projects. Please call 877-BIZ-PODS to learn more about joining our national accounts program.

Do you have a national accounts team?

Yes, we have National Account Executives who cover the US and Canada. Please call 877-BIZ-PODS to inquire further and have one of our reps contact you directly.

Do you have consolidated billing?

All business customers have the option of receiving monthly statements. All transactions for the month in a PODS market will be sent via email on one statement. If still desired, you can receive individual invoices as well.

Can I tour your facilities?

This is possible and can be arranged with our National Accounts Team. Please call 877-BIZ-PODS to discuss potential options.

Do you have preferred business rates?

Yes, please call our Business Solutions Team at 877-BIZ-PODS to inquire further.


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