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Check Out the Safest Neighborhoods in Austin

Austin Texas

by Matt Lyons Posted on March 26, 2024

You can’t go wrong with choosing to settle down in the Texas state capital city of Austin, which is home to a thriving economy and best known for its abundant outdoor recreation, creative cultural scene, unique history, and amazing food. Better yet, when you live in one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin, you’ll get the bonus of enjoying a more serene atmosphere while still being close enough to the action taking place in the big city!

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Is Austin, Texas, safe overall, though? While Austin may come across as the perfect city that offers just about every amenity one could want, it’s important to understand that, like all major cities, crime does take place in the area. In fact, Austin is only five percent safer than other neighborhoods across the U.S., and your chances of being a victim to either property or violent crime is 1 in 24. These crime statistics make it crucial to look to one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin when searching for a new place to call home. 

But when comparing Austin to other major cities in Texas, like Houston and Dallas, you’ll notice that Austin isn’t actually as dangerous. Your chances of being a victim of crime in Dallas is closer to 1 in 22, while your chances of being a victim of crime in Houston is about 1 in 17.

So rather than focusing on Austin’s crime rate, let’s focus on the fact that Austin’s population has increased by 21 percent throughout the last decade — with about 184 new residents adding to the population every single day — and take a closer look at some of the best neighborhoods in Austin.

Q: What is the safest zip code in Austin, Texas?
78701 is not only one of the best zip codes overall in Austin, but it’s also among the safest. It’s ranked No. 1 on Niche’s list for “Best ZIP Codes To Live in the Austin Area.”

Dangerous Pockets of Austin To Avoid

Before we get into the list of places to check out before relocating to Austin, let’s note some of the areas that you want to be sure to avoid, especially if you’re raising a family. With the highest number of violent crimes — including murder, robbery, and assault — here are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Austin, according to AreaVibes:
  • MLK: 266 percent more crime than the city overall
  • Riverside: 211 percent more crime than the city overall
  • Saint Johns: 201 percent more crime than the city overall
  • Rosewood: 184 percent more crime than the city overall
  • Bouldin: 180 percent more crime than the city overall

A red one-story home in the Rosedale neighborhood of Austin, Texas. It sits in the shade, covered by tall green trees.

Rosedale in Austin, TX
(Source: Trulia.com)

Safest Neighborhoods in Austin 

Now onto the good stuff! With warm summers and mild winters, the weather in Austin calls for fun outdoor recreation year round, which you can find in most of these best neighborhoods in Austin. Not to mention a variety of shopping, dining, and cultural activities are available at just about every corner. And that just scratches the surface! So without further ado, here are our picks for the safest neighborhoods in Austin.

1. Rosedale

Situated in the northern sector of Central Austin, Rosedale is a neighborhood filled with the utmost charm that’s home to quite the rich history. First starting out as a farm and dairy land in the late 1800s, Rosedale transformed to an area full of nurseries and florists throughout the 1900s, and plenty of the beautiful nursery stock still remains here today. Rosedale is an attractive location for families, in particular, as it’s ranked at the top of Niche’s list for the best neighborhoods in Austin for families. The overall crime rate in Rosedale is also 18 percent lower than Austin overall.

What’s more, outdoor enthusiasts living in Rosedale are lucky to have such close access to Ramsey Neighborhood Park, which includes playgrounds, picnic areas, and a swimming pool. Residents can easily access a number of medical services close by, as well, including AHMC Seton Medical Center

Q: Which part of Austin is best to live in?
Parts of Central Austin, which include the neighborhood of Rosedale, are among the safest and most vibrant places to live in the city.

2. West University 

Most ideal for students and young professionals, the neighborhood of West University is only a mile away from the University of Texas. And because of its college atmosphere, there’s always something to do in this neighborhood. 

Shopaholics can head to Guadalupe Street — also known as the Drag — for access to a variety of shops and eateries, like the Kerbey Lane Cafe. And for a fun college night out on the weekend, be sure to head to Cain & Abel’s or Hole in the Wall

3. Barton Hills 

Named after a pioneering homesteader in the 1800s, Barton Hills has turned into the perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. In fact, one of the best trails in the state is the local Barton Creek Greenbelt, where you can enjoy 12 miles of pathway in an island-like atmosphere. 

Aside from the abundant outdoor recreation available, residents of Barton Hills also enjoy cultural experiences nearby, like the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum and the fun-filled Austin City Limits Music Festival. This event takes place at Zilker Metropolitan Park, just south of downtown. 

4. Hyde Park 

Another neighborhood best suited for young professionals, Hyde Park is situated in a safe location just blocks away from the downtown area and University of Texas. Known for its walkability, residents can easily travel to areas of entertainment nearby, such as Shipe Neighborhood Park for games of basketball and tennis, along with the Hancock Golf Course for some 9-hole fun. And with a crime rate 10 percent lower than Austin overall, you can certainly feel safe while living in this neighborhood. 

Local attractions are also prominent near Hyde Park, including the Elisabet Ney Museum and Hyde Park Theatre. Check out the home of a local sculptor at the museum, and catch plays and festivals from local performers at the theater. 

A white and tan multi-story home in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, TX. It is surrounded by green trees and shrubs as well as a low brick wall.

Allandale in Austin, TX
(Source: Trulia.com)

5. Allandale

  • Average rent (one-bedroom): $1,525
  • Average home value: $786,600
  • Great for: Families, historic homes, outdoor recreation, schools

The quaint neighborhood of Allandale is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin for families and offers a plethora of beautiful, historic, and affordable homes along with quick access to some of the best attractions the city has to offer. Some of these include The Arboretum and Shoal Creek Trail. Several historic parks can also be found within this neighborhood, like the Beverly S. Sheffield Park

Families residing in Allandale can feel comfortable that their kids will receive a quality education at the various schools that serve the area. The Chaparral Star Academy, Richards School for Young Women Leaders, and Liberal Arts and Science Academy are some of the top schools residents from the community can choose from. 

6. Crestview 

Living in Crestview offers just about everything you could want in a high-quality neighborhood, including a plethora of restaurants, bars, and parks. For a bite to eat, you have access to some of the best restaurants in the entire city of Austin, including Little Deli & Pizzeria, Chicken Salad Shoppe, and Tumble 22. And for a fun night of entertainment, you’ll have to stop by the Vigilante Gastropub & Games.

For outdoor recreation, Brentwood Neighborhood Park is a spacious area full of picnic tables, basketball courts, trails, and more. Wooten Neighborhood Park is also an ideal spot to bring the whole family. 

Q: Where is it safe to stay in Austin, Texas?
Crestview is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin, as the crime rates are 10 percent lower than the city’s overall rates.

7. Old West Austin

Considered one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the entire city of Austin, Old West Austin is located just north of Lady Bird Lake and includes the Clarksville National Register Historic District. Along with various lakeside activities, such as fishing and boating, there are plenty of other opportunities for outdoor recreation directly in the neighborhood and in areas nearby. If you own a dog, for example, you can take them to a vast off-leash area set up by a local canine club, or you can always visit the Zilker Park and Barton Creek Greenbelt nearby. 

Along with young professionals and families, retirees can find solace while living in this neighborhood. And there are plenty of medical services nearby, at places like Ascension Seton Medical Center and Cornerstone Speciality Hospitals

8. Brentwood 

Located approximately two miles north of downtown Austin, Brentwood is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Austin. Since the 1900s, Brentwood has transformed from a community centered around cotton fields to a vibrant residential area. Homes available in Brentwood feature architectural characteristics that are more classic but still include some more updated modern features. 

Along with plenty of local parks, such as Brentwood Park and the Town Lake Metro Park, residents of Brentwood enjoy close access to abundant shopping centers, like the Triangle and The Domain. Students living in Brentwood are also close to colleges and universities nearby, such as St. Edward's University

A multi-story tan mansion in East Oak Hill in Austin, Texas. It sits on a long driveway with green shrubs in front of the home.

East Oak Hill in Austin, TX 
(Source: Homes.com)

9. East Oak Hill

East Oak Hill isn’t just one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin; it’s also one of the best neighborhoods to buy a home. Residents enjoy amenities like the Barton Creek Wilderness Park in the north part of the neighborhood and plenty of shopping nearby at Barton Creek Square. And when it comes to grub, we suggest heading to favorites such as Milano Cafe (for the best pasta and pizza) and Chinos Fusion Hacienda (for some delicious Mexican cuisine).

10. North Shoal Creek 

The family-friendly neighborhood of North Shoal Creek is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Austin that offers plenty of things to do in a safe environment. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is one of the major attractions nearby, which features both food and drinks while you watch a movie! And popular restaurants include Jack & Ginger’s Irish Pub and Cafe 605

Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park are located nearby, but residents of North Shoal Creek can find plenty of outdoor recreation at parks closer to the community, as well, such as Walnut Creek Park and the Shoal Creek Greenbelt

11. Windsor Road

Windsor Road is an upscale community with access to a variety of the most popular attractions in Texas, like Pease District Park. With a more laid-back and tranquil quality of living, retirees relocating to Austin will often choose this neighborhood. Likewise, it’s also ranked 14th on Niche’s list for best neighborhoods in Austin for families.

Windsor Road boasts easy access to the Mopac Expressway, so it’s easy for residents of this neighborhood to commute into the city. There are also lots of local entertainment options, including various annual events held in the community, such as It’s My Park Day

Q:What is the safest part of Austin to live in?
With a crime rate 20 percent lower than Austin overall, Windsor Road is one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin located in the central part of the city.

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Editor’s note: For ease of reading, monthly rental prices were rounded to the nearest $25 and home values were rounded to the nearest $100.

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