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PODS portable moving containers

On-site storage means no extra steps

We'll bring portable storage to you and let you keep it as long as you need.
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We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.
We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.

Stay in Control by Keeping YOUR things close

unlimited access to your storage unit

Anytime access

 A PODS container in your driveway means you get 24/7 access to your things, because they're yours. 
Packing a portable storage unit

Keep your stuff secure

Protecting your things is important to us. Your container is sturdy, steel-framed, and weather-resistant to safeguard your belongings from the elements. Besides keeping the storage unit on your own property, you own the lock and key, so you control any access.

If you want, we’ll pick up your container and keep it nearby at one of our secure Storage Centers.
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Find Your Fit: How Big Are PODS Storage Containers?

16 foot storage unit

Large Container 16-Foot

  • Ideal for a 2-bedroom home, or up to 1,200 sq. ft.*
  • About the length of a standard parking spot
  • Comparable to a 10'x15' storage unit or a 20' truck
12 foot storage unit

Medium Container 12-Foot

  • Perfect for a 1-bedroom home, or a 500-800 sq. ft. space*
  • Great for packing away things from 2 or 3 rooms
  • Compare to a 10'x10' storage unit or 15' truck
8 foot storage unit

Small Container 8-Foot

  • Great for a studio or room of 500 sq. ft. or less*
  • A popular choice for college students
  • Comparable to a 5'x10' storage unit or 10' truck
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A Simple, Secure way to contain the chaos

No rental truck

We deliver a sturdy, steel-framed portable storage container to you.

Load & lock

Your container stays on your property as an outdoor storage unit, and you own the lock and key.
Declutter and get organized

Declutter & get organized

On-site storage containers can help create the space you need to keep your stuff organized, so you stress less.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Matt K., Kissimmee, FL

"The convenience was amazing. It provided us onsite storage for staging our house for sale as well as storage and transportation to our new home."

Mary S., Wharton, NJ

“PODS’ on-site storage was a life saver. I would recommend it and use them again.”

Heather S., Erie, CO

“What I liked best is the flexibility and the kind personalities of the men who did the deliveries and pickups. They were fabulous and I love portable storage.”

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Storage Solutions for Your Business

Look to PODS to support your business with flexible storage solutions. Explore our container sizes to find the right combination for your project.

Commercial storage solutions

Got Questions About On-Site Storage? We've Got Answers.

Can PODS containers be delivered to apartments?

PODS frequently delivers on-site storage containers to apartments, but it’s important to check with your building management about their requirements and for approval ahead of time. Many condo and apartment buildings have special requirements about where the container can be placed and for how long.

How weather resistant are PODS storage units?

When you’re shopping for portable storage, keep in mind that containers vary by company when it comes to durability and weather protection. While many are made from steel, others are made from wood and plywood, so it’s important to ask about the storage unit’s construction and resistance to weather.

PODS sturdy, steel-frame containers are designed to keep your items protected from the elements when kept outside on your property. Although PODS on-site storage containers can offer excellent protection for your belongings on your property, if you need to store for more than a few weeks, we recommend keeping your container at a secure indoor PODS Storage Center. For expert guidance on preparing and packing items for storage, see our Packing and Loading Tips.

How can I keep my storage unit safe?

Whether you’re using an on-site storage container or a storage facility, there are practical steps you can take to strengthen security for your belongings. The first step is to do your due diligence by asking questions about the security features of the storage facility or portable storage unit.

What you can do to keep your belongings safe in storage:

  • Use a durable lock, such as a disc lock with key, and don’t give anyone else a key. Tip: Make sure your lock will fit the storage unit hardware.
  • Avoid storing valuable items such as fine art, heirlooms, irreplaceable artifacts, perishable goods, deeds, and forms of currency. (Note: PODS doesn’t allow these items to be stored in PODS containers.)
  • Make an inventory of all items stored.
  • Get Contents Protection insurance that matches the value of your items. For added peace of mind, it’s a good idea to look into insurance options because most storage facilities aren’t liable for lost or damaged items. PODS offers lots of coverage levels so you can find the amount that best represents the value of your belongings. For details on PODS coverage, see PODS Contents Protection options.

Learn more about how to evaluate a storage facility.

Can you rent a storage unit for a month?

There are many self-storage and portable storage companies that offer rentals for just a month, but you should always check with the company before deciding on storage. Read your rental terms carefully to make sure there are no minimum rental commitments beyond one month. If you’re using a special promotion rate or discount, check to be sure the rate still applies if you rent the unit for one month. With PODS standard pricing, it’s easy to rent a portable storage unit for one month. If you’re using a special PODS discount, there may be a minimum rental time required to get the discount.

need more information on storage unit rental rates?

When comparing storage unit prices, it’s important to understand what services you’re getting and which factors you value most. According to the 2019 Self-Storage Almanac, the average national rental rate for a 10X10 storage unit is $105.60 and $132.70 for a 10X15 storage unit. Keep in mind this price is for self-storage only, and varies significantly depending on location and other factors. There are no average costs available for portable storage units because the services are too diverse to allow apples-to-apples comparisons.

In general, portable storage prices depend on factors including:

  • Geographic location
  • Timeframe and season
  • Size and number of storage units or portable containers needed
  • Whether you’re storing your container in your driveway or at an indoor storage facility

Learn more about how to save on storage prices, or for more information on PODS storage unit prices, get an instant online quote or call (855) 706-4758.

How can I make more storage space?

Whether you live in a small space with skimpy storage or you just have more stuff than space, you’re not alone in your quest for more storage. Here’s a collection of our most popular articles offering proven storage solutions:

How does PODS storage work with moving?

You can use PODS portable storage units to simplify and reduce the stress of moving, whether you’re moving long-distance or making a local move. Here’s how it works:

  • Take your time and leave the driving to us: We’ll bring you a sturdy, steel-framed container, give you all the time you need to load, then pick it up and deliver it to your new place. Choose from multiple container sizes and use as many as you need.
  • Combine moving and storage: You can store your container at any time during your move, at home or at our storage facilities. Then when you’re ready, we’ll deliver it to your new home. If you need storage units shipped to different locations, that’s no problem.
  • Get help with packing and loading: You can choose to get help for any or all stages of your move based on what you need, whether it’s just on the front-end, at your new home, or both. See packing and loading assistance for help finding the most highly rated companies in the area you need.


The decision to keep your portable storage container at a secure PODS Storage Center versus on your property should be based on your specific needs. Keep in mind that with PODS you can combine on-site and off-site storage, even in the same month.

Situations when you should consider using an indoor storage facility include when:

  • You’ll be storing items for more than a few weeks
  • You’re moving, but you haven’t decided on your permanent home
  • You’re staging your home for sale and you want to increase curb appeal
  • Your property has limited space for portable storage on site
  • You’re renting multiple containers and you want to keep one or more off-site
  • Your building management or homeowner’s association deed restrictions allow only limited time for storing containers on-site.

For more details on PODS secure indoor storage, read more about our Storage Centers.

How fast can I get a PODS storage unit delivered?

Because delivery dates are subject to availability, you should schedule your storage container's delivery as soon as you can plan a date. Keep in mind that Saturdays and the summer months are usually in highest demand. Once you’ve placed your order and scheduled a date, if you need to change it, just call us. Your new delivery date will be based on availability.

Do I have to commit to storage for a specific length of time?

Since every storage company has different requirements for rental duration, you’ll want to check with each company you’re considering and get the terms in writing. If you’re using a special offer or discount, be sure to ask if the offer requires a minimum storage time.

With PODS, the minimum storage rental time is only one month, whether you’re keeping your container on your property or at a PODS Storage Center. A PODS storage rental for one month begins the day the container is delivered to you and continues for the next 30 days.

How do I prepare for a PODS storage unit delivery?

These tips and detailed checklist will help you plan for a smooth delivery for your PODS storage unit.

How much room do I need for an on-site storage unit?

The amount of space you need for an on-site storage container on your property depends on the storage company you’re working with. In general, you should ask for the clearance requirements to place the actual storage container, as well as the clearance needed by the delivery vehicle to maneuver.

The space needed for the largest size PODS container (8’ wide X 15’ high X 16’ long) is comparable to a standard-size parking space, which is 9’ wide X 18’ long. To make the delivery and maneuver, our PODS drivers require a flat surface with no steep inclines or obstructions, with clearances of 12' wide X 15' high X 40' long, which is a little bit longer than two standard parking spots. If your driveway isn’t 40 feet long, the maneuvering area can include the street. If there’s anything in the way, the PODS driver will use their discretion to determine where the container can be safely placed. See our container delivery tips for more details. And if you have any questions, please call PODS Customer Care at (855) 706-4758

What kind of lock do I need for my storage unit?

When choosing a lock for your storage unit, it doesn’t make sense to buy the cheapest lock, especially since you can purchase a durable lock that offers both affordability and security for your belongings. Check with your storage company before you purchase a lock to get their recommendation on the lock types that will fit the unit locking mechanism.

A durable disc lock is a solid option for both portable storage and self-storage units at an affordable price, ranging from about $12 to $18, depending on where you purchase it. Disc locks are considered less vulnerable than a traditional padlock because the shackle design presents minimum exposure, providing good protection against bolt cutters. Disc locks also tend to be made of strong materials, so they can’t be broken easily by a hammer and can stand up to the elements if you’re keeping your storage unit outdoors.

PODS recommends a standard 2 ¾-inch stainless steel disc lock, available through stores or ordered directly from

What if I don't know where I'm moving?

So you’re moving out of your current home, but you’re not sure of your next address, or even state? Fortunately, with today’s portable storage options it’s a lot easier and less stressful to make a move involving uncertain destination points and moving dates than it used to be. If you’re in this situation, you probably need an alternative to a traditional moving company or to a rental truck and selfstorage. Look for companies that combine portable storage and moving services with plenty of built-in flexibility and convenience that includes on-site storage containers, transport, and a coverage area that includes your origin and destination cities.

Learn more about PODS local and long-distance moving options or call us at (855) 706-4758 for expert ideas on how we can help with your moving challenges.

How long can I rent a portable storage unit?

Usually portable storage companies allow customers to keep containers as long as they need if you continue paying the rent. With PODS, there is no maximum rental time, so you can keep your portable storage container on your property or at a PODS secure Storage Center as long as you need.

Can I get help packing and loading my storage unit?

There are many companies offering packing and loading help for storage units and moving. However, logistics for scheduling help can be much easier if you’re using portable storage on site on your property, compared to self-storage. For example, many packing and loading companies can only give an estimated time for arrival, especially if they’re coming from another job. That means you could be stuck waiting at your self-storage unit for the labor help to arrive.

If you’re getting help with loading a portable storage unit, it’s best to schedule the service at least one day after the unit will be delivered to your home, depending on when you’ll be ready. That way you’re sure the unit will be in place before the loading help has arrived.

See PODS packing and loading assistance for help finding the most highly rated companies in the area you need.


The amount of time you have for packing, loading and unloading your storage unit depends on your storage company, and whether you’re using self-storage or portable storage. With PODS, you can take all the time you need to pack, load, and unload your portable storage container.

Will PODS store your portable container?

With PODS, you always have the option of keeping your portable container in a PODS secure Storage Center. You decide what’s best based on your needs. Just call Customer Care at (855) 706-4758 to schedule a day to pick up your container.

What if I need to move my PODS storage unit to another state?

With PODS locations across 46 U.S. states including Hawaii, it’s likely we can deliver your storage container to the state you need. Check our locations here, or call us at (855) 706-4758 to find out if we deliver containers where yours needs to go.

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