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Zippy Shell vs PODS

PODS vs. Zippy Shell

We’re the industry leader. Look at PODS vs. Zippy Shell side-by-side and it’s easy to understand why.
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We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.
We're searching over 200,000 containers to find you the best price.

PODS vs. Zippy Shell for Moving & Storage

Zippy Shell vs PODS

Why choose PODS vs. Zippy Shell?

Copycats are nothing new. Ever since 1998, when we pioneered portable moving and storage to make it easier and less stressful for our customers, companies like Zippy Shell have popped up everywhere. But when you compare Zippy Shell to PODS, they can’t match our experience, fleet size, or huge national network. In fact, it’s not even close. Take a look for yourself.

Zippy Shell Disadvantages vs. PODS

Zippy Shell container quality vs PODS

Zippy Shell's inferior container quality

If you’re going to pack your stuff into a container for moving or storage, you’d naturally prefer one that’s solid and secure. PODS checks that box, with sturdy, steel-framed portable containers that are weather resistant. Zippy Shell containers are essentially steel cages transported in a pull-behind trailer. So, if you need to store your stuff in their facility, it’s going to be in a steel cage in a warehouse, where it may be exposed to dust and pests. It also means your stuff is on display for everyone in the warehouse to see.
PODS packing and loading time vs. Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell's tight time constraints

Nobody likes being rushed during something as complex as a move. But that’s exactly what some of our competitors do. In the case of a long distance move, for instance, Zippy Shell only gives you three days to load your container and only one day to unload. Better hope for good weather! PODS, on the other hand, gives you all the time you need to load and unload for your long-distance move, local move or outdoor storage project. So, you can relax and work at your own pace. 
PODS locations vs. Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell's limited service area and container availability

PODS has been a portable moving and storage pioneer since 1998. As a result we’ve built up a huge fleet of over 200,000 containers with locations and indoor storage unit facilities nationwide. We serve 47 states, including Hawaii, as well as parts of Canada, the UK, and Australia. Like some of our other competitors, Zippy Shell has a limited container fleet and far fewer locations, so availability may be an issue depending on where you are and where you’re moving.
PODS quality vs. Zippy Shell

Don't compromise size & quality for Zippy Shell's cheaper price 

Our 20 years of experience and huge, nationwide network of portable moving and storage facilities means we’ve become very efficient. But we’ll never compromise on the excellent quality of our service, which is reflected in our #1 ranking for customer service by Newsweek. So if you see a better price out there, think about what they had to compromise on to get there.


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How PODS Works

Packing and loading assistance

Get It & Load It

We deliver your container -- and there's no need to meet the driver, as PODS is a contactless service. Load your container on your schedule, right in your driveway. If you want help, we can connect you with local packing and loading companies.

Keep it

At-home storage gives you the flexibility you need, whether you want easy storage just steps away, or you want to take your time packing and loading.

PODS Storage

Store it

If you need temporary storage, we'll pick up your loaded container and bring it to a local PODS Storage Centre, where it will be safe, secure, and easily accessible until you need it again.

Move it

We've got this, so you don't have to. We'll deliver your container to your new home, whether you're moving across town or across the country.* If you need to ship your car, we can connect you with one of our preferred car shipping providers who will arrange professional services in your area.

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Moving and Storage the Way You Need It

Self-moving with full-service options

Get as much or as little help as you want from the packing and loading companies we can refer. 

We do all the driving

We deliver and pick-up your container and can move it across town or across the country.
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We go where you're going. See all of our facility locations.
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