Step 3: Reserving your container

Ready to store your stuff with PODS?

Simply reserve your container online or by calling (855) 706-4758.

Review and accept your rental agreement

Just as with a car rental, we require a rental agreement to be signed in order for us to deliver your container. FYI – the agreement will available for review in your account.

Simplified billing

For local storage, we'll charge you for the container the day before your delivery or re-delivery using the credit card you used for your reservation. For storage projects involving long-distance transport, your card will be charged 7 days before your delivery. Monthly rental charges will be billed on the same day every month, so it’s easy to keep track.

No commitments

There are no commitments beyond the first month's rental because we know how plans can change.

Never worry about missing a payment with autopay

Opt for our autopay option so your monthly payment is made without a second thought.

Book a few pros to pack and load

Let us help take a load off! We’ll connect you with professionals in your area who can help with packing or loading your PODS container. Call us at (855) 706-4758 or visit our Packing and Loading Assistance page for details.

Order your packing supplies

Packing materials, boxes, blankets, tape, locks for PODS containers and more — we have it all! Order your supplies from You'll be taken through a checkout process separate from your container reservation, and we'll ship your order to your door fast and at no cost. Most orders are delivered the next business day.

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