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Our Business Solution Specialists have industry expertise across multiple sectors, and make it their business to understand every aspect of yours.

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Deep Industry Expertise
Our Business Solutions Team is comprised of expert account managers specially trained to develop flexible commercial storage & moving solutions for all of our business clients. 
White Glove Experience
Our clients rest easy with unrivaled service and support. Our Business Solution Specialists go above and beyond to create the best possible experience for businesses across all the industries we serve.
Dedicated and Support Services
With a dedicated point-of-contact, the needs of our clients are met with flexibility and creativity. Our on-shore teams are readily available via phone or email and can be reached 6 days a week to find the best business solution for your project.

Enterprise Solutions Team

PODS Enterprise Solution Team

Specialized support for enterprise clients

PODS Enterprise Solution Team is trained specifically to handle the moving & storage solutions of our largest enterprise clients. With years of experience, your single point-of-contact provides unrivaled support to your logistics, operations, or project management teams, working as an extension of your business.
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Industry Solutions
Commercial moving & storage solutions

construction moving and storage solutions

moving and storage solutions for construction

Residential and industrial construction needs can vary widely. That’s why PODS offers tailored moving and storage solutions for commercial construction teams. Our highly trained Business Solutions Specialists understand construction logistics and work with you to determine everything your crew needs, from ordering your construction storage containers to moving your construction containers to your project sites.
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restoration services solutions

PODS solutions for COMMERCIAL restoration & Renovation

Overseeing restoration projects can be stressful. PODS can help reduce the pressure of logistics challenges with one flexible solution for moving, transportation and storage. With a team of highly trained Business Solutions Specialists and a network of nearly 200,000 steel-framed, weather-resistant portable storage containers, we’re ready to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.
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relocation management company moving and storage solutions

commercial moving solutions for relocation management companies

PODS provides flexible business storage and delivery solutions for Relocation Management Companies (RMCs). We facilitate transferee moves in a convenient, cost-effective, and streamlined way that works for you and your employees. When complications arise, we're always ready to help, quickly rescheduling deliveries and formulating new plans with office storage containers for your moving and storage needs.
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retail store moving and storage solutions

Retail moving and storage solutions

Every retail business is different, from the nature of the products to the changing demands of customers. Whether you're opening a shop, remodeling existing stores, or moving outdated inventory to outlets, PODS Business Solutions Specialists create commercial moving & storage solutions that fit your needs.
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storage and moving solutions for restaurants

PODS Solutions for Restaurants

Successful restaurants run smoothly, no matter what's on the menu. And whether you're carrying out a national brand refresh, opening new locations, or looking for more efficient ways to store inventory and assets, PODS offers tailored moving and storage solutions that can help.
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hotel and hospitality storage and moving solutions


Flexibility is crucial to running a successful hotel, B&B, or other hospitality business. PODS offers commercial storage solutions that fit your needs so you don't have to sacrifice guest features for the storage space you need.
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moving and storage for special events

special events moving and storage solutions

PODS delivers convenient, flexible business solutions to store and transport equipment and materials for any event. No need to coordinate with separate fleets and storage facilities. Whether you’re planning a convention, concert, sporting event, tradeshow, festival, or any other event, PODS can adapt to your needs. 
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camping moving and storage


For camps of all kinds, PODS provides convenient, flexible transportation and storage solutions for supplies and equipment. As a business moving company with two decades of experience, we can support virtually any need, including long-term and seasonal storage options for your camp.
Storage & Moving Solutions For Camps
government moving and storage


PODS has your portable storage options no matter how big your project is, or how often your timeline changes. From emergency planning and disaster response to corporate relocation, evidence storage or HUD programs, the Government Solutions Specialists are there with business solutions to solve your toughest logistical problems for your local government storage needs or federal office moves and remodels.
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storage and moving for schools


Educators need flexible moving and storage options to keep their campus running smoothly. You may need to move equipment across the country unexpectedly, create more classroom space, or find a place for extra supplies. PODS offers unparalleled flexibility and custom business solutions for your college or university campus, or any level of education. 
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employee relocation moving and storage

commercial moving solutions for employee relocation

PODS provides flexible storage and delivery solutions for managing workplace relocation for employees and their families. We facilitate transferee moves in a convenient, cost-effective, and streamlined way, both local and long-distance. When complications arise, we’re always ready to help, quickly rescheduling deliveries and formulating new business solutions.
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healthcare moving and storage


For healthcare businesses across North America, PODS is the smart solution for maximizing revenue-generating space, managing medical inventory, and increasing operational efficiency.
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storage and moving for all businesses


Looking for help with a specific commercial storage or corporate relocation problem? In search of an office storage container for your next move or storage project? How about a portable moving and storage solution for a sporting event? PODS can deliver the right business solution, whatever the industry.
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secure portable containers


PODS' state-of-the-art containers are designed to reduce the risk of damage, even when being moved. Whatever your moving & storage needs, we can help you find the right solution.
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